A small thermos that met all expectations

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The body of the thermos is completely made of stainless steel (if you believe what is written, then from 304 – the main scope of which is the manufacture of chimneys and containers for liquids 🙂 ), a plastic cover with rubber (silicone type) seals. Well, okay, let’s leave regrets in the past, you see, next summer will be much more decent and my thermos will serve me in all its glory 🙂 But during the tests, it was found that this thermos perfectly fulfills the role of a thermo mug, but first things first.
The inside of the lid looks like this:
Since there is a special chute for drinking, it is quite convenient to drink. The first thing that pleasantly surprised – even despite the minimum cost – the thermos comes in a nice factory package, and not in the usual pimply bag.
The thermos was bought on eBay – to my surprise, it was there that the price of this model was one of the lowest. Instead of the hottest summer in decades, we now have one of the rainiest summers in Belarus that I have ever seen.
Another pleasant moment – there were no extraneous odors at all – nothing smelled anywhere. 12.JPG” />

A small thermos that met all expectations

Inside the thermos was a bag of moisture absorber. For some reason, I liked the first one – it was she who was ordered.
Before proceeding to a direct review, I think it would not be superfluous to indicate the characteristics of a thermos, since during hiking this moment plays one of the key roles: All the "anomalous" heat fit in two short weeks and something tells me that there is no need to wait for their repetition this season. Good day to all. Unfortunately, weather forecasters are not sappers, and they can make mistakes every day, which they do with great success. Well, probably it is also an absorber of extraneous odors 🙂 — the weight of an empty thermos is 304 grams. Let’s move on. The coating of the case is scratch-resistant, I tried to scratch it with keys (without fanaticism) – I could not get to the “bare” metal. The seller was not chosen by chance – taking into account the current policy of our state, I needed a shipment with a track (for which I overpaid, if you don’t bother with it, you can find lots for a few dollars cheaper). — the height of the thermos is about 23 centimeters, The packaging is a cardboard box with various inscriptions in Chinese. The lid of the thermos consists of two parts (base and top) and is fixed on the thermos on the thread, so that its accidental opening is excluded.
When an overwhelming desire arises, the lid can be removed without any problems. Today’s review will focus on a small thermos that met all my expectations.
Having dealt with the appearance, you can move on to the most interesting – practical tests. So if someone is interested, then the route of the package from China to Belarus can be viewed here. Immediately, another detail that cannot be called joyful caught my eye: the seller indicated that the volume of the thermos was 500 ml, and there was an inscription on the box that the volume was 450 ml (and this is exactly so). The seller has this thermos in four colors: gold, black, white and pink. There is a latch (blocking) on ​​the lever that prevents accidental opening of the lid while it is being carried.
There are no inscriptions in English or any other language, which suggests that this product is produced for the domestic market. In the closed state, nothing flows out even if the thermos is shaken very strongly, so there are no questions about the tightness. The order was made on the eve of the hot summer season, which local weather forecasters predicted for us in full. So you can drink directly from the thermos without unscrewing the entire lid. There will be https://jiji.ug/computers-and-laptops/apple-imac-intel 2 of them: the first test for maintaining the temperature of a hot liquid, and the second for the ability of a thermos to protect the contents from unnecessary heating. Instead of heat, showers and thunderstorms, and instead of the sun – solid clouds. — the diameter is about 6.5 centimeters, A few weeks after sending, the parcel was successfully received at the local post office. In addition, there is a small lever on the lid, pressing which folds its upper part. Of course, 50 ml is not critical, but I would like to know the whole truth from the very beginning of placing an order. So, let’s begin. So, as you can see, it is very compact and lightweight, which in itself is not bad. As a rule, such products always have a decent quality and, running a little ahead, I can say that this is the way it is – there is nothing to complain about.

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