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… I was sincerely happy with a $2 mouse, I was perplexed when I heard the price of $50-100 from friends of gamers or just PC enthusiasts. … I was thinking about a white, younger model on the PMW3325 sensor, but no, and today we will talk about the older m620, but in black "explosion map" for those who did not dare to open a spoiler The soldering is quite normal, but the flux was not washed off The lens is made neatly (apparently it comes with PMW3389 ), sits tight Although the mouse is symmetrical in the case, it is clearly for the right-hander (side buttons on the left) the wire is in a loose braid, the ferrite filter near the connector is elastic inside – they resist after forced straightening, the length corresponds to – 1.8 m, as well as the weight without a cord ~ ​​65g Disassembly. Would there be a "tool", and skills would appear?

Machenike M620 UltraLight gaming mouse. Included is a mouse and a bag of papers from two brochures, this is the only spread that I partially understand Shape the keys and the whole mouse are streamlined, without sharp corners, the surface is pleasantly matte, it looks like paint (but this is not accurate) On the bottom of the white (very slippery to the touch) legs, the sensor working window and the backlight control switch (turn off all / turn on RGB to scroll and logo \ turn on RGB in the “tail”) the shape of the mouse is “grasping”, with a maximum thickness in the center, but since my palm is large, it’s only for such a grip, otherwise the fingertips hang down, though the wire output is bent, but very tight – rather What about the fee? The wire is very close to the scroll, and if it is not put in place during assembly, it can easily overwrite Today, I will try to answer this, my question, thanks to the Machenike M620… In the hope that at least the sensor will surprise me – remove the optics … Promised PMW3389 is available, under a black cap – RGB LED and a mention of "Laser" in the model? Promised by OMRON for 20 "mega-clicks" (unfortunately not Japan) For disassembly, only the rear stickers need to be peeled off; there are two standard hooks on the front, the top is displayed After a little digging on the Internet, I found "two" who apparently served as ideological donors when creating the appearance of this mouse … Earlier I paid attention to this mouse – but then I just twisted my "gaming" and lag G10-770L from A4Tech in my hand, I was surprised by the design refinements of the "honeycomb" case design – another Chinese, thought about it and safely forgot about it. Glorious Model O borrowed almost the entire external entourage, including the shape and the color of the Teflon legs on the bottom, while the Sharkoon Light² 200 has a scroll with longitudinal illumination and key outlines

"Competitive gaming mouse, weight 60g, resolution up to 16000dpi, Omron micro-motion 20 million times, colorful RGB lighting effects (about 16.5 million colors), good partner for game/office "

Have you ever thought about what kind of merits they buy "gaming" or just expensive mice and manipulators? The module itself was damaged during assembly – a deep scratch is present for the first time I see such a design when the backlight LED is integrated into the “chip-sensor”, probably more precisely? p> On the manufacturer’s official page, through a translator, the mouse is "located" as "Mechanic M620 Light Hornet" and this translation of the brand name, in my opinion, is much closer to the original, as well as the translation of the declared advantages, to which I have nothing to add yet: For those who are interested in the nuances of the design – under the spoiler (carefully, a lot of photos), and for the rest, it’s better to move on to tests and conclusions I noticed that the legs are not very tightly set on a viscous Velcro and naturally could not resist – I immediately disassembled it. The side buttons are removable, in the grooves the attention is drawn to the transparent inserts on the patches that press the mikriki of the two main mouse keys, there is hope for less backlash and resistance to abrasion, as well as a not quite exactly fitted element of the mode switch mechanism (and not I was able to snap it, probably it will do) On the body. Unpacking and inspection in addition to the film on top of the box, sealing, both codes lead “to China”, and the seal is stratified
The “scroll” block with backlight is made interestingly – the LED on a piece of getinax is simply inserted inside a translucent wheel with black stickers on the ends ( I’m not sure that this is the most advanced version of this unit) the side keys are on a separate scarf, obviously simpler – removable and apparently not in vain (brand name, some kind of dumb) here you can see the parameters of the microphones

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