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In the ever-growing field of web development, it is essential to keep in aligned terms with the latest trends that are there in the domain. Web app development is an idiosyncratic subset of web development that doesn’t quite align with what you’d expect from a website nor a mobile app. A workflow can establish a means of systematic organization for the various aspects of your web application development. Think about what your web app will consist of and how to meet those requirements using your resources and budget.

progressive web apps interview questions

Example snippet to send push notification from nodeJS server. By checking the main thread javascript file you can check whether the service worker is registered in it. If not you can register the service worker script(service-worker.js). Secondly, create a manifest.json file for your Web application with your app details. For the demo, I have created a manifest file for Geekflare Website.

It works the same as your Web App on all browsers as it previously did. But it can have native features when your website loads on a modern browser. It makes your web app more powerful than before and it also makes it more scalable because we can able to prefetch and cache assets in the frontend, it reduces requests to your backend server. Spartacus is based on the principles of a PWA and on the technology AngularJS. Many companies work in the accelerator with comparatively simple JavaScript based on jQuery or similar.

The mean stack development that works on Javascript makes for a feasible choice to go on with. The app developers use Sencha MVC to separate the control code, the application data, and view. This separation helps large scale web applications to be flexible and maintain easily. The Ext JS or Extended JavaScript is a JavaScript framework which can be used to develop web-based desktop applications with rich UI. However, the Sencha Touch framework is optimized to create web-based mobile applications such as smartphones and pads.

Mean Stack Developer Interview Questions

The Naming convention also makes the code readability easy and understandable for other programmers. Sencha Touch’s Naming convention follows the standard Progressive Web Apps in 2026 JS convention, which a good practice but not mandatory. The API doesn’t have access to any devices’ contacts, camera and accelerometer sensor.

However, native apps provide the user with the best user experience on mobile devices. They can be built well offline and offer full access to device functions such as GPS, camera, etc. MEAN is focused on a free, and open-source user-friendly JavaScript software stack that is there to create dynamic websites as well as power-packed web applications, using its technology stack. MEAN comprises M for MongoDB, E for ExpressJS, A for AngularJS, and N for NodeJS.

Mean Stack Developer: Salary, Skills, Job Interview Questions

In order to meet your dream to become a mean stack developer, you need to have the prowess of certain skills that are required by recruiters. Stay tuned to learn just what those places are and how to find software developers in a variety of networks. In fact, it’s probably the case that you’re already very much in the know about several prominent web apps that are in frequent use across the web.

  • Back-end development is composed of building the databases, servers, application programming interfaces , and any other background processes that occur in an application.
  • Most of the client requirements can be satisfied by PWA features themselves.
  • The newest version offers app developers a single platform where they create both mobiles as well as desktop applications.
  • They can deploy the PWA in the play store until Android development is completed.
  • This saves a lot of valuable project time for developers which they use for manual coding.

Only one application is required for website and devices. In addition, newer front-end frameworks are used, which increases the attractiveness to employees. They are usually implemented with device-dependent frameworks and have an operating system on the end user device as their basis. Apps typically communicate with a back end through API interfaces to reload and store data in their memory. Spartacus is an Angular-based JavaScript solution that runs mainly in the browser.

Sencha Interview Questions And Answers

PWAs combine desirable features of both native and hybrid apps. ‘Notification’ in window will tell us that Notification API is supported in that browser. Notification.permission will tell that the user has been permitted to show the notification. If the user permitted our application the value will be ‘granted’.

No, PWAs are best defined as traditional websites in mobile app packaging. In this way, they are not as interactive as a conventional web app nor as boring or inaccessible as a standard website. We didn’t concentrate on how to enable cache for offline support. The service worker controls your application and can manipulate your requests, but it runs independently.

progressive web apps interview questions

MEAN stack is counted on not only by startups but also large enterprises. It’s not appropriate for extreme animation and graphics apps such as gaming applications. According to its general public license policy, Sencha Touch is free for all open source applications; however commercial applications will need paid subscriptions. They have to use long polling or web sockets to avail this. X-Credit is a virtual form used to meter Support Tickets or request other assistance available under the Sencha support plan.

Then go to the project settings and click cloud messaging and generate keys. Service Worker runs independently from the main javascript. So it doesn’t have access to DOM API. It can only accessIndexedDB API,Fetch API,Cache Storage API. But it can communicate with the main thread with a message. Limited functionalities are available compared to a native app. Most of the client requirements can be satisfied by PWA features themselves. For them, we suggest PWA only and give them an idea to convert their PWA as an Android App using TWA if they want to deploy in Playstore.

But in reality, most everyone in the software development industry believe web apps and hybrid apps have slower performance than native apps. Still, having a PWA means going through the classic download and install process that users expect with mobile apps. But this is a good thing as PWAs can always be readily available from the user’s device. The first step to enable push notification in our application is to check Notification API and get permission from the user to show a notification. For that copy and paste the snippet below in your register-service-worker.js.

Enable Push Notification

Now you can install your application like below on mobile chrome. Add manifest file and script in the all head tag of your HTML page. Create a script file register-service-worker.js https://globalcloudteam.com/ and service-worker.js in the root folder. But some client has a limited budget or some client may think time to market is more important for their product.

MEAN stack developers work on and manage both the frontend and the backend. NodeJS– It is one of the best performing platforms out there with versatile functionality. From organizations to startups, Fortune 500 companies are willing to utilize it for building a range of web, mobile, as well desktop applications, with the inclusiveness of full-stack development. The tech demands of today are steadfast, and dynamic along with being quite an efficient nature when it comes to the development of websites and apps. Now that there are bucketloads of different technologies roaming around, it is challenging to boil down to one option. Progressive web apps combine desirable features of both native and hybrid apps.

However, depending on the framework conditions and requirements, it may be necessary to take a different path. This varies greatly, depending on the initial situation. However, the work required does not depend on the number of parts, but rather on the existing code structure and the page structure and its complexity. It enables the creation of a simple and open-source solution that one can use in order to build a sturdy as well as manageable solution. There is a world of web development out there that is ever-growing, rapidly booming.

Open apps directly in GNOME Software by clicking Install from Flathub and apps.gnome. It has often been difficult for us to find up-to-date resources about PWAs. We wanted to collect the links that have helped us,or are in our #readlater lists, into one place. In my opinion, you should consider a replacement with Spartacus.

Mean a stack is a sound option for you in case you are hunting for a career in a bigger organization that makes you learn to handle complex requirements. It is an important aspect of the Mean technology to note that all the frameworks that come under this stack make use of only one programming language and that is Javascript. On the other hand, other stacks use a number of frameworks which makes developers learn many languages. In the case of the mean stack, one only needs to learn Javascript.

progressive web apps interview questions

Web apps are built using a combination of front-end and back-end technologies, and this alongside the software development process itself does not veer far from standard web development. Aside from the game-changing progressive web apps, there are client-side web apps, server-side web apps, and even single-page applications. Back-end development is composed of building the databases, servers, application programming interfaces , and any other background processes that occur in an application. Once again, most mobile app developers and web developers are not one and the same. This is a shame because that means if you want the best of both worlds, you’ll always need at least twice as many developers or at least twice as much talent.

They can be installed and accessed quickly like a mobile app while still maintaining the general characteristics of a traditional website. The back-end for web apps might similarly use the same server-side languages developers use to build websites such as Ruby or Python. If your requirement truly needs native application features which can’t be satisfied by PWA. Clients can go and develop both Applications as they wish. They can deploy the PWA in the play store until Android development is completed.

How To Convert Webapp As Pwa With Push Notification

The code available here is also optimized to achieve high-level performance. The Sencha Themer tool helps users to style Ext JS 6 applications with a better user interface. Custom themes can be created with it using graphical tools, without writing any code. App developers will get access to all Ext JS inspection tools and components to set fine-grained styles and generate dynamic stylesheet including theme packages.

Convert Web App To Pwa

Of course, a pro and con list would be futile if there were only pros. Or in the case of PWAs, the download and installation won’t be the equivalent of the app actually taking up space on your device. They provide users with an entertaining exchange no matter the operating system, whether that be Android, iOS, PC, etc. so long as users maintain an internet connection. That said, weighing the cons of web application development against the pros is still useful for getting the kinks ironed out. Hybrid apps take advantage of both native and web technologies and as a result, they can extend multi-platform compatibility. // write your own ajax request method using fetch, jquery, axios to save the subscription in your server for later use.

The front-end Angular framework is known to have the stand-out quality of offering the technology that provides superbly user-friendly outcomes. This framework has brought changes in the user experience in a remarkable way along with enhanced, dynamic as well as interactive content. A job posting for a MEAN stack developer appears more or less to be the same as that of a Full Stack Developer. ExpressJS– This fundamental of MEAN is a mature and easy-weighted server framework that is devised in order to create single and multi-page web apps.

Manually curated collection of resources for frontend web developers. Due to the significantly higher complexity of a PWA – which is Spartacus – it requires different and more intensive knowledge of JavaScript and state-of-the-art front-end frameworks. Is server-side rendering required and is SAP Commerce operated on premise? Then, for example, additional infrastructure and customized development and deployment processes are required. The mean stack developer salary in the USA averages around $121,875 on an annual basis. If we look at this on an hourly pointer then a mean stack developer earns an average of $62.50 in an hour.

In PWAs, SPAs, and modern frameworks, the same security aspects apply as in a conventional website. However, AngularJS and other frameworks offer functionality that makes it easier to implement these aspects. Security also has to be ensured on the server – and no sensitive data has to be stored within the client. The SAP commerce system is operated headless, which facilitates access from other systems. With PWAs, content can be loaded very specifically, which allows the performance to be assessed better, also by Google.

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